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Previous Demonstrations & Workshops

Mark Warner - 18/19 June

Mark Warner gave a demonstration followed by a workshop the next day, painting Scott’s pines in acrylics.

Mark is a renowned artist from Shropshire and an excellent teacher giving us one-to-one advice as we all set to paint the composition of trees set before us. It may have challenged most of us out of our comfort zone but what fun it was learning new ways of building up a painting.

Mark uses the acrylic paints in a quick spontaneous way mostly using flat brushes but using the brushes on their sides in a scratchy random way. Most of us had never painted like this before.  We built up a graduated sky and then proceeded to add patches of greens to create the compositions shape, before adding the trunks of the trees. The paintings came to life when the strong trunks were added and Mark's unusual use of the rigger brush which was also used on its side and in twisting random movements.

We’ve all come away with new ideas and we must not be tempted to fiddle! But stop and view again in a few days.

Jake Winkle - 20 March

Jake Winkle is a water colourist who is inspired by light and movement. His paintings are a reflection of the world around him. It was good to see over 40 people in attendance at his demo, including 3 new members and 2 visitors.  Jake held a fun workshop the following day.

February 2024 - Louise Bougourd

Renowned abstract artist, Louise Bougourd gave a demonstration in February. It was attended by over 50 members.

Social Evenings

On the first and third Tuesday of the month, the group meets to chat about various aspects of the artistic and creative world, as well as holding a fun (but slightly competitive!) monthly competition.  Members and other specially invited guests give informal demonstrations and talks on their specialist or favourite subjects which regularly inspire people to have a go themselves.  Often these talks are a prelude to the following month's competition theme.

Recent talks have included Lynda Kettle on her career in the television and stage industries as a production set designer, Ceri Bateman on the Notan Technique, Abstract Art with Hilary Bird and Melanie Bettridge, and Lisa Murdoch on printmaking.

We have a wide range of talent and skills in the art group - if you would like to share yours in a friendly and relaxed setting, please do get in touch!  We are always interested in learning new techniques.

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